About this tool

AS-EAST annotates and analyzes users' uploaded transcript data using the data stored in AS-ALPS.

Users can determine whether novel transcripts encode AS isoforms, and annotate functional domains and the interacting residues with other molecules in the AS isoforms.


If you use AS-EAST in your work, we request you to cite the following paper and the URL (http://as-alps.nagahama-i-bio.ac.jp/ASEAST/).

Masafumi Shionyu, Ken-ichi Takahashi, Mitiko Go, 2012. AS-EAST: a functional annotation tool for putative proteins encoded by alternatively spliced transcripts. Bioinformatics 28:2076-2077 [Abstruct]

Detection of AS regions

  • DataSet:      ( Example of input sequence: Homo sapiens cDNA FLJ90159 fis, clone HEMBB1002465 )
  • Enter a nucleic acid sequence of query transcript (single-FASTA format)
  • or upload a FASTA file  
  • Choose the prediction method for Coding Sequence (CDS):  

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  • Options:  

    (The cache data are stored for one week on the server.)


Generate an exon-skipped transcript sequence from a RefSeq transcript sequence